Clouden Ping

Monitor your websites with pay-as-you-go pricing at 0.001€ per ping.

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Minimal Price Example

Monitor one website with a daily ping.

Total cost: 0.001€ x 30 = 0.03€ / month

Typical Price Example

Monitor two websites with hourly pings.

Total cost: 0.001€ x 2 x 24 x 30 = 1.44€ / month

Advanced Price Example

Monitor five websites with 5-minute pings.

Total cost: 0.001€ x 5 x 12 x 24 x 30 = 43.20€ / month


Pay safely using Stripe. No monthly charge! Add as many credits as you like - the minimum is only 1.99 EUR.

Optionally enable auto-charge to refill your credits when running low.

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Choose ping frequency of 5 minutes, 1 hour or 1 day. Get email notifications when your services go down.

Add up to 100 HTTP or HTTPS URLs with individual ping frequencies (max response size 10MB).

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Built using Serverless & Amazon AWS technologies by experienced cloud engineers.

All user information is encrypted and stored securely in the AWS cloud in Ireland, EU.

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